Enzo (Miles Per Hour) Crites


Born a D'Arcy dog on Feb 12, 2012 in Kansas to Enchanted Song and Gable Sour Cream, he was given the pet name Cody. Registered with the National Greyhound Association as "Call To Arms", he made his racing debut at the famed Derby Lane track in St. Pete, FL on Nov 18, 2013. He won his first two races, *literally* shining on the fast track and making Grade A within six weeks of his debut. In his 128 races he had 23 wins, 23 place, and 20 show finishes, the most memorable win being the TL Weaver Memorial Stakes race on June 7, 2014. Next he moved to the Southland track in West Memphis, where he retired from in Mar 2016.

Call To Arms arrived at REGAP of Illinois in Sept 2016. He wasted little time choosing Rebecca and Barry to be his new family, who named him “Enzo Miles Per Hour”. His retirement did not last long, as he was accepted into the PawPrint Ministries comfort dog training program in Oct 2016. This was no 30 second sprint, but adjust and adapt he did spreading love and encouragement to friends of all ages and abilities throughout central Illinois. He earned the nickname #TIEcon for the 100+ neckties in his collection. The sillier the outfit, the bigger the smile he would flash. Enzo had shared over 15,000 personal interactions throughout central Illinois at the time of his death. Whenever the blue PawPrint vest came out he zoomed to the door, ready to serve!

In Sept 2020 Enzo was diagnosed with lymphoma. He passed away Monday, Nov 16 in the sunshine of his yard, surrounded with the same love, light, and warmth he had given to so many. Enzo’s family would like to thank Dr. Stevens and Dr. Groesch and the entire staff at Fairview Hospital for Animals for the devotion and care they provided during his years with us, Dr. Linda Harmon for the chiropractic and weekly acupuncture care these past couple of months at Arthur Vet Clinic and the staff there, and Steve, Cheryl, and Lizzie at Tails to Remember Pet Services for their final care and cremation services.

Enzo left his paw prints physically all over central Illinois at nursing care facilities, the cancer care center, library reading programs with children, schools, funeral visitations, social events and fundraisers, and also raising awareness for greyhound adoption at monthly Meet & Greets. He leaves behind his parents and extended family who loved and cherished him, his PawPrint Ministries family of humans and canine coworkers, a

Retired Greyhounds as Pets of Illinois (ReGAP) family of volunteers and hounds and owners, thousands of "friends" in the community, a global Instagram following who loved his adventures and "fashun" and the work he was doing, and his biological greyhound niece Freda, who entered the PawPrint Ministries training program in June 2020 and will enthusiastically continue in his footsteps to carry on the important work of a comfort dog.

Memorials are suggested to PawPrint Ministries (www.pawprintministries.org) or REGAP of Illinois (www.regapgreyhounds.org) greyhound adoption, or an animal adoption group of the donor's choosing.

Enzo and Freda