PawPrint Ministries comfort dogs visit with patients at Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois on a regular basis.  We are humbled by the determiniation and fight of the patients we meet while out on visits.  As a way to give back, we will build and distribute kits for new patients beginning chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  


Help us pack these kits full of sweet gifts from the heart.  You may purchase items listed here, or if you choose to support our efforts financially, we will purchase items in bulk to put into the kits.  


With your help, we have filled and distributed 50 kits to patients.  Thank you for continuing to support this outreach.  

If you would like to arrange a pick up, please contact our office.

Eli's PawPrints first met our friend Stephanie on August 18, 2015. She was in the midst of chemotherapy treatments. On January 16, 2017, Eli and curly haired Stephanie were able to have a reunion at the PawPrint Ministries office. With a tear in her eye as she recalled her journey, she was happy to report no new growth and she is doing well. Stephanie lives a life with no regrets. She gives all the glory to God and in her words, "I am blessed".  Thank you, Stephanie for stopping by our office for hugs and to share your journey with us. Your faith and zest for life are an inspiration.